About us

PETAL S.A. Commercial Company was founded in 1949 and has an experience of more than 20 years in oil equipment processing, valves, industrial valves and over 30 years of experience in the processing of metallurgical equipment.

Our company is one of the best-known oil-plant units and oil field equipement for various geographical climate and environmental conditions, equipement items and spare parts made for the petroleum and pit gas drilling and extraction, industrial Christmas trees, geological equipment items, spare parts manufactured for metallurgical capital repairs.

Tubing Heads

The tubing heads are used to suspend and to seal the tubings with 2 ⅜ in (60,3 mm), 3 ½ in (88,9 mm), 2 ⅞ in (73 mm) si 4 ½ in (114,3 mm) diameters.

The Tubing heads consist of a flanged spool in which a tubing hanger is suspended, locked by a special nut or by lock-down screws.

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